About Grand Emperial

Talent is the multiplier. The more energy and attention you invest in it, the greater the yield. This applies to many things, especially up and coming record label, Grand Emperial Music Group. GEMG for short, is a label birthed in South Carolina with a foundation of housing unique talents.

Grand Emperial Music Group was founded in 2013 by NYC native R. Starks. His motivation to start the label was his love for music. In his words: “music is embedded in our DNA, whether it’s hip hop, soul, or house. We subscribe to what makes us listen and love music.” An offspring of his original label, Supreme Records, GEMG has already grown legs of its own. The record label is home to several talented artists, including Myschief, DJ PNKLMNDE, Lamontra Ham, ThurGood Jenkins, and more. The signed acts have already achieved successes as up and comers, and hit the stage earning them a wider fan base. GEMG’s current roster paired with the label’s leaders and their business savvy, is assurance that the label will be a success.